The Best Accessories for a Grand Hens Party

When your closest gal friends are about to enter another journey in life with marriage, it is best to celebrate the occasion with the bride and the best girls in her life with a hens party. This is the chance where the bride gets to celebrate one more night of freedom and do whatever activities she wishes. Hen parties can usually be held at home, in a restaurant, or in a bar, depending on what the bride prefers. To spice up a bride’s hens party, these hens party accessories Brisbane has in the market is what will turn up the fun. Here in Unique Party Shop, you can find the best party supplies fit for all themes and occasions. Here is a list of Brisbane hens party accessories you and your girls can prepare to create the best and most memorable hens party.

hens party accessories Brisbane

Bridal Party Badges

If your bride-to-be is a big fan of crafty items, then she will definitely enjoy wearing themed bridal party badges for her hens party. This will indicate who is the bride, the maid of honor, the mother, the bridesmaid, or who her closest friends are in the party. This will definitely make it easier for guests to figure what are the roles in her wedding, and also add a little bit of color to the party. You and your friends can bond before the party by having a little arts and crafts session by making these adorable bridal party badges. If you want to add in pastel colours or even decorate it with fluffy ruffles, the creative freedom is all yours.

Bridal Party Sashes

Next on the list of hens party accessories in Brisbane, what better way to make the bride feel special and become the centre of attention than with a bridal party sash? This can help indicate who the bride-to-be is, and also makes her feel like a princess or pageant queen, with a gorgeous sash wrapped around her body. You can use special kinds of paper or a ribbon tie to make the sash, don’t forget to finish it will a beautiful scripted font with the words “bride-to-be”.

Tiaras and Veils

Another creative example of hens party accessories Brisbane has in the market is tiaras and veils. Make the party fun and playful with whatever kinds of tiaras you can find in the store, or even get a little creative by creating your own tiaras. You can embellish them with plastic gems, feathers or sparkles that make it look cute. Create a special tiara for the bride-to-be that makes her stand out from the crowd. You can even throw in a veil to complete the look.

Party Booth Props

Last but not least on the list of hens party accessories Brisbane has in the market, a party cannot be completed without fun and memorable photos. All kinds of parties are made more fun with booths that captures the memories of each occasion. You can make the pictures even more wacky with different kinds of props that spice up the set-up. These props can include silly hats, glasses, signages, plastic tiaras, or whatever kinds of items suit the theme of the party.

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