Qualities of a Personal Trainer that Inspire Success

One of the many reasons why many people quit in their fitness goals and stop going to the gym is their personal trainer. Personal trainers are there to guide people and help them reach their fitness goals. Unfortunately, many feel the other way, as many trainers tend to make people feel less than they are. Finding a fitness trainer who will push you to your limit and still make you feel comfortable to expose your flaws can be challenging. And this is what personal training courses from Sage Fitness is all about.

They are called ‘fitness trainers for a reason’, and that is to provide motivation. Sadly, many people confuse their status tom something else, and rather than helping people feel comfortable and confident about themselves, they intimidate people, which often results to people quitting to their fitness goals.

So how do you really look for a personal trainer? Here are some tips.

Good Communication Skills

As a fitness trainer in the gym, you are not expected to be with one client throughout his or her workout. Thus, you need to be able to explain things clearly to your client beforehand. If the client is entirely new to the environment of the gym, it is recommended that you walk him around and get acclimated with the environment. Also, make sure you show them the exercises you put in their program. Show how to execute exercises with proper form and the dos and don’ts of the exercise. This is where the importance of good communication gets into the picture. Good personal training courses give students ample chance to improve their communication skills. And you can easily spot well-trained fitness trainers right from how they communicate with their clients.


Your clients most likely have a day job or have a different lifestyle. Thus, don’t expect them to execute the exercises properly for only a couple of tries. When working out, trainers engage both your mind and body, and harness the power of the connection of the two. For starters, it can be difficult to mimic the proper form of the instructor. Thus, instructors need to have patience on their clients. Know what your clients need. Some a requires fast-paced environment while some may require not just coaching, but more importantly assistance.


A good attitude will take places. In the case of personal training, it is important for people to keep a close relationship between the client and the personal training. Trainers’ prices differ from one another, and their prices usually depend on their experience and skills.

Also, keep your clothes simple and plain. You want to gain the attention and make them focus on your instructions. Don’t distract them with clothes with curious graphics or statements.


People will look for fitness trainers will make them feel comfortable; someone they believe has the best interest in mind to help them in their health and fitness goals. Treat your clients not as a customer, but as a friend. Talk to them, make them feel at ease. Answer their questions and help them execute exercises the right way, with the right form, always.

If you have passion for fitness training, then you should start looking for personal training courses to help you jumpstart your career in this industry.