Live Event Streaming Services 101: What You Need to Know

With life being unpredictable, schedules may change and registrations for an event may get cancelled. As a result, a couple of people may not attend a certain event. But thanks to live event streaming, anyone can watch an important event remotely.

What is streaming?

Streaming is what you do when you consume internet-based content without downloading it.

If you need to download content before you can consume it, it’s called Progressive Downloading.

For instance, when you buy an artist’s song from Apple music, you have to pay and download it before you can listen to it. That’s Progressive Downloading. If you need to listen to it now, you can go to Spotify because they offer music streaming. Learn more about Go Live Australia

Streaming isn’t limited to music – you can also stream games and videos.

How does live event streaming work?

Live event streaming technology works in real-time. As with any production team, there are also videographers, cameramen, directors, in a live event production.

The event production team operates on the event’s site and broadcasts everything live to the audiences.

Companies can even ask the event team to put commercial breaks. They can also put passwords and sell viewing tickets to anyone who wants to watch remotely.

The nice thing about live event streaming is the interaction between the performers or host and the audiences. An example of this is the Facebook Live, which allows the host and audiences to interact through comments.

Examples of events that are streamed live

  • Sports events
  • Corporate meetings
  • One-time corporate events
  • Church service
  • Wedding ceremonies
  • Proms

Live event streaming services today

Broadcasting has been around since the peak of television. Live event streaming, however, sprung from the explosion of internet streaming. Of course, the latest technological advancements also helped service providers cater to their markets.

Should you hire live event streaming services?

Why hire Australian live event streaming services?

Why should you hire them rather than post-production services?

Nothing beats the real-time experience of an event.

With post-production, although it’s nice and polished, there’s a different story woven because it’s edited.

With live event streaming, you won’t miss important details if you really pay attention. And, you get to choose how you see the event, because it unfolds to you through your screen, in real-time.

You wouldn’t buy a pricey camera that will be used once, right?

When your company has a one-time special event, hiring live event streaming services is the wiser option.

On top of that, when you hire a third-party event production team, everything is streamlined. The equipment, technical aspects, documentation, and your other live events are taken care of.

Why is it good for your company?

Naturally, webcasting helps you go with the trend – helping your business or family reach out better to clients and peers.

Through live streaming your company’s event, specifically, you are showing that you’re capable of using a new and steadfast medium to reach out your clients. It means you are aware – and you care.

Live event streaming is one of the tech perks our society can enjoy.

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