Basic Facts about the Childcare Management System in Australia

The advancement of technology has now brought Australia a more innovative childcare management system, which makes parents even more closer to their children even when they are in their workplaces. The Australian government provides the necessary guidelines for childcare management registration of software providers, as well as factsheets for families who want to become eligible beneficiaries of the Child Care Benefits.


childcare management system


Whether you are a childcare service or a parent who wishes to take advantage of this programme, make sure that you find childcare management system Australia providers who are legitimately listed on the CCMS website, or you can simply visit QK Technologies, the fastest way to grow your childcare services and to know more about the Australian childcare management system.

What is a child care management system?

The childcare management system, also called CMMS, is Australia’s national child care system which is designed to bring online childcare services. Day care centres and other educational institutions must record a child’s enrolment and attendance information to the Department of Education, Employment, and Workplace Relations or the DEEWR.

The child care services will then report the data to Australia Department of Education and Training so they can calculate the Child Care Benefit (CCB) fee reductions to be paid to the specified child care services of eligible families.

How to become eligible?

To be eligible for the Child Care Benefit, the childcare management system in Australia requires you to do the following:

  • You must ensure that you get your child immunised, or on an immunisation catch-up schedule, or be exempted from the immunisation requirements.
  • You must meet the residence requirements.
  • You must make sure you use the approved/registered child care.
  • You must also be responsible for paying your child care fees for your child or children.

However, there can be factors which can affect your current Child Care Benefit such as:

  • Changes to your income
  • An agreement with your employer wherein your child care fees are paid in behalf of you
  • Your child’s starting school
  • One of your children stops using the CCB
  • Failure meet the Work, Training, Study Test for CCB

Childcare Management System for Software Providers

Software providers should go through a registration process to ensure that the software meets the Childcare Management System standards, as well as to adequately communicate with the Department of Education and Training through the CCMS interface.

During the registration process, the software providers are obliged to complete a number of tests that will tackle all of the interfaces mandated by the Service Provider Interface Technical Specification. The Department of Social Services is the one who conducts the tests, and the one who will judge whether the software applicant can effectively interface with the CCMS or not.

Only when they pass the tests that they can be registered. Once registered, their company details and the registered software will be listed on the CCMS section of the website to inform the public about the legitimate and registered softwares of the Australian childcare management system. Visit