This album is comprised of five virtuosic viola pieces that look at aspects of American music. The five different composers on this recording have all created technically challenging works of strikingly disparate character. All of the composers are American with one exception: Russian Nikolai Kapustin, included because he incorporates American jazz elements in his music. In the last twenty years technology has made the world a smaller place in the sense that ideas and art forms can be exchanged much more easily across cultures. It is interesting to observe the manner in which aspects of American music have been incorporated into other musical traditions and compare that with the myriad ways these ideas are understood in the United States.


Sonata for Viola and Piano, Op. 69 – Nikolai Kapustin (16:54)

  1. I. Allegro – 7:53
  2. II. Largo – 4:56
  3. III. Vivace – 4:04

Two Pieces for Solo Viola – John McLaughlin Williams (5:37)

  1. I. Sarabande – 2:02
  2. II. Toccata – 3:34

Second Sonata for Viola and Piano – Ross Lee Finney (18:51)

  1. I. Andante teneramente; Allegro animato – 6:30
  2. II. Permutations – 2:54
  3. III. Largo teneramente – 3:17
  4. IV. Allegro con moto; Misterioso – 6:10

10. Wending – Jeffrey Mumford (7:58)

Sonata for Viola and Piano – George Walker (14:21)

  1. I. – 5:19
  2. II. – 9:02

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